Matuse Dollars Reward Program

  • Earn 10% back on every purchase on
  • Redeem up to 25% off products you purchase on when you use your Matuse Dollars.
  • 1 Matuse Dollar = $1.00 USD
  • You must be registered and signed in when purchasing to earn and redeem Matuse Dollars.

Why purchase anywhere else when you can earn Matuse Dollars and use them on any item in our store?

How do I create an account and become a registered user?

On our website you will see a menu in the top right corner(see image 1). All these menu links are for your shopping experience while on

1. If you are logged in it will say Hello “your name”. If you are not logged in it’ll say “Welcome Guest”.

2. In order to create an account click “My Account”. This will bring you to the login page. In the “New Customer” box click the “Create an Account” button. Fill out the required fields and hit Submit. Be sure to check the box for “sign up for newsletter”. This will allow you to receive special offers for Matuse products and news updates on what is going on.

3. Once the account is created and you are logged in go back to shopping to earn your Matuse Dollars.

How do I know how many Matuse Dollars I have earned on a purchase?

1. When you are on the summary home page for any product category you will see the points you can earn just below the product image(see Image 2). This takes any guess work out of what you will earn. But it’s 10% of the purchase price. Also any product page will show what you will earn just below the ADD TO BAG button.

2. You can also see what you can earn in your Shopping Bag(see Image 3). This will break it down by item and show you the total points you can earn with the purchase.

3. In Image 3 the blue boxes show you the rewards you will earn upon completion of your purchase. This is how your Shopping Bag page looks.

What if I’ve already purchased products but can’t remember how many points I’ve earned?

1. When you are logged into your account you can view your Account Dashboard to get all this information. Simply click the link MY ACCOUNT in the top right hand corner of the website(see image 1). If you’re logged in you will see the home page of your account. If not, login and you will be taken to your Account homepage Dashboard.

2. In the top right corner you will see a grey box that shows your Matuse Dollar total. Click the link if you want to see more detailed information.

How do I redeem Matuse Dollars?

1. In Images 3 you see a red highlight box. This appears in the Shopping Bag page. You can check the checkbox that “maximizes” your use of Matuse Dollars. This automatically knows how many dollars you have, what qualifies for the discount and what the max discount is you can get. This is the easiest way to redeem your Matuse Dollars. You can also use the slide bar to use a minimal to maximum amount Matuse Dollars of your choosing. Either way works.

2. In Image 4 you see the final step in your checkout phase, which is step 5, the Order Review. The Discount is clearly marked here in the second red box. This is the final screen that allows you to make sure you received your discount before you place your order.