April 28, 2014

In the same way that the Scipio utilizes a next-level version of Matuse’s Geoprene, we were inspired to run this clip of Mr. Hendrix taking things up a notch against Mr. Clapton.

A friendly reminder, the following fullsuits are marked down 25%. Sale ends on May 4th.

Artemis CS 3/2
Artemis CS 4/3
Dojo Tri Suit
Hoplite 2mm
Hoplite 3/2
Hoplite 4/3
Scipio Front Zip
Scipio Back Zip
Tactical 3/2
Tumo 2mm
Tumo 3/2
Tumo 4/3
Tumo Hooded 4/3
Tumo Hooded 5/4
Tumo Hooded 6/5

Also be sure to checkout the Vintage Shop for even more deals on Premium (the ichiban) Game. Get one before we run out of your size.

Get one before we run out of your size.

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