The Overview Effect

May 9, 2014

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

Matuse’s moving sale will end on Sunday — and so will the limited-time offer of 25% savings on your Ichiban. Don’t sleep.

Artemis CS 3/2
Artemis CS 4/3
Dojo Tri Suit
Hoplite 2mm
Hoplite 3/2
Hoplite 4/3
Scipio Front Zip
Scipio Back Zip
Tactical 3/2
Tumo 2mm
Tumo 3/2
Tumo 4/3
Tumo Hooded 4/3
Tumo Hooded 5/4
Tumo Hooded 6/5

Also be sure to checkout the Vintage Shop for even more deals on Premium (the ichiban) Game.

Get one before we run out of your size.

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